hill plots

Hill Plots have been the pioneers of real estate service providers for over 8 years now, to meet the  demands of time and age Hill Plots website has been released to meet the ever increasing number of the prospective land buyers in the Vikasnagar region in Dehradun district. Hill Plots is the only professional firm here in Vikasnagar belt who verify the seller’s documents along with their ownership details before posting the land details in this website.


There are lands in this region which actually are bigger than what the land ownership papers claim to be, and some lands are more on paper but less in actual on the spot so we keep consider all these variables, and only post when all are on order. The verification process of the sellers start with our lawyers who check the veracity of the documents furnished, then the local land records keeper, and at times we re-check with the village head before we post here.


The photos are of actual plots, and none of them are circulated ones, we believe in transparency in every step.


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